Everyone I know is talking about Frank Ocean. You know, him coming out, or his Amazing Channel Orange, or maybe just one song. But there’s something different about this. There’s something out of the ordinary.

There’s something, so odd about this buzz. It’s not a familiar buzz. Just like Channel Orange, it’s a disruption. And I know I’m not saying anything new. But this guy is so there, so present, is such a disruption I can’t help talking about it, you know? Like, just like this guy you start to feel that prevailing need to feel, to be aware of all those little things that surround us, those disruptions like Fertilizer, and End, and Start, and Just No Money, and little bit of Sierra Leone, that become such phenomenon, that transform society in a becoming, and ultimate history just like Pyramids from a subject, a voice like Frank’s transformed into culture. That’s how we can feel it too.

This isn’t a pop culture trend or accident, or even a circumstance. This is a becoming. And everyone is talking about it because we can all feel it. We’ve been transformed.

It’s a disruption made into phenomenon, because it’s so different. So different I don’t think anyone, not even Ocean himself can put into words of conversation his piece. 
The thing about something different such as a disruption is, that it can cause two things: either you hate it, or you love it. You hate it because it’s noise, it’s bringing chaos at some level, and you love it because its entropy, because you know there’s something beyond. And I think that’s why we’re all loving Channel Orange.

Two days ago I listened to the album. At first I was really annoyed because I didn’t know how to use the damn app thingy on Ocean’s tumblr, and then because I couldn’t jump between songs. I felt like I was losing my Internet rights you know? I was already disrupted, and I haven’t even played that thing. But then I did. Damn, I was a completely different person: I stopped smoking compulsively, I stopped drinking my coffee. I was just sitting here, totally high. I was someone else, I was him. By the beginning of Sierra Leone I was restarting it and searching for the lyrics so I wouldn’t miss anything. Like that final scene in Perfume, when the guy opens this tiny bottle of perfume made out of all those dead girls, filled with tragedy, and passion, beauty and instincts. And everyone is just mesmerized, absorbed by it, feeling like they never felt before. Like a first love all over again. They don’t have control over themselves anymore, just like Frank says, we just forget about our grey matter and all that’s left is pleasure. All kinds of pleasure, even bad and even pure.

I have no idea how he did it. Since that day I’ve been thinking, I just can’t scape from my thoughts. And now I sit here and think about every single song, how trapped I am, and what a mess I made out myself because of it, and I realized it’s because he created something new. More than music, Channel Orange is community, is a definition, it’s a becoming. He has set a new paradigm on what’s different, is a phenomenon of creation we’re witnessing. 

Society is changing, and you don’t want to miss it. Trust me.

Beautiful words on ‘Channel Orange’ by a generation’s bright mind and pen, @reginasperger.

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